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Online school presentations start at $370 plus hst; other online presentations at $400 plus hst.

"We just watched Felicity Falls through our daughters online school. What a great production !!! She absolutely loved it. The set and props were amazing. The character development, the sound effects, the comedy, just have to say very well done ! I hope the school does more drama virtually. She could play for hours with her toys creating stories. Thank you, during this tough year it’s nice to see anything that brings a smile to her face.—an Ottawa parent

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Online programs

Kathy and a puppet, on set

With our online programming, we hope to rekindle the connection that we have enjoyed with young audiences for so many years. We have carefully re-created some of our most popular programs in an intimate studio setting—including Felicity Falls, Snippets, Owl at Home, The Wind in the Willows, The Flying Canoe and drama workshops.

We're happy to host live Q & A sessions as part of these presetations.

Two Mice


This flexible program brings short stories to life with snippets of puppetry, masks, acting, and music. It can include live hosting, live Q & A’s, special guests, pre-recorded surprises and audience participation.

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Kathy and puppets in puppet bed

Felicity Falls

In an animal village, one little rabbit can’t sleep, another one loses a teddy bear, and others see a hot air balloon that changes everything. Gentle funny stories about families, told with stuffed animal toy puppets. Especially for primaries.

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Kathy and puppets in canoe

The Flying Canoe

This show celebrates the rich tradition of early French Canadian stories, songs, myths, and legends through the exciting lives of Tante Rose, Jean-March and René. In English with a few French words.

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Owl and Kathy looking at the snow

Owl at Home

Whether he's inviting Winter to sit by the fire or finding strange bumps in his bedroom, Owl is a hoot! Five irresistible stories from Arnold Lobel’s award winning book. Especially for primaries.

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Kathy and John with puppets on Willows set

The Wind in the Willows

Shy Mole, kind Rat, and boisterous Toad (who drives too fast!) stand up to bullies, rescue a baby otter, and learn to hear the wind whisper in the willows, all along the river. From the book by Kenneth Grahame.

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Child with bowler hat

Drama workshops

Students work to create dramas based on games, poems and classic stories. The program can be tailored for different ages.

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Other programs

We don't have these shows available online right now. We may add some of them at a later date. Check with us if you're interested.


Zoom at Sea

The mysterious and thrilling adventures of Maria and Zoom the cat, who follow clues across the globe to find his seafaring uncle, Captain Roy. From the Zoom books by Tim Wynne-Jones.

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A Promise is a Promise

When Allashua ignores her parents’ warning not to fish in the Arctic sea ice, she meets terrifying (and hilarious) Qallupilluit monsters. Will she find a way to keep her promise? From the book by Robert Munsch & Michael Kusugak.

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Roo and Penguin

The Last Polar Bears

A grandfather’s unlikely expedition to the North Pole with his luggage in a golf trolley and his opinionated dog, Roo. Includes video footage of gorgeous Arctic landscapes, northern lights and adorable real animals. From Harry Horse's book.

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The Tempest

The Tempest

A child-friendly version of Shakespeare’s magical masterpiece. Shipwrecked sailors discover an enchanted island, a wizard, his daughter, fairies and a monster—and learn about love and forgiveness. "We are such stuff as dreams are made on."

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The Emperor and the Nightingale

The Nightingale

In ancient China, a little bird teaches the great Emperor the value of simple things and friendship. Gorgeous puppets, haunting music and unforgettable characters (like the Chief Counselor who only says "P!").

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A Dolls' House

The Dolls’ House

Tottie is a loving little wooden doll who lives with her family in a shoebox, but they long for a proper home. To their delight, their wish comes true when they get a Victorian dolls’ house. But there's a new doll too: Marchpane. She's a beautiful doll, and she always gets her own way . . . from Rumer Godden's story

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The Cow Show

A moosical history of the world from the point of view of the cow, from creation to the 24th century. Life, nature, Canada, the planet, and cows. Light-hearted and fun for the youngest students, with lots of lively music, humour and content for the older ones.

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Fabulous puppets. Performers were perfect! Music was hauntingly beautiful…Don’t change a thing. It was perfect! The experience had an impact on my class.

—Palmerston P.S

Wow! What an amazing show. I love the use of language & careful attention to the character development - very much like the stories!! The musical accompaniment, use of puppets, beautiful props & set design are brilliant. This production was very accessible for children. Thanks for your efforts. You are a very talented team!

—Grade 2-3 teacher

The staff and students were ecstatic about the play.

—Brother André School

To be able to present a performance that engages students from JK to Grade 6 all through the performance and yet with a content that uses more advanced literary contents is very impressive.

—Woodroffe Avenue Elementary School