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Photo credit: Andrew Alexander

Snippets is a flexible series of staged readings of Canadian books. We invite special guests – artists, community leaders, librarians or local celebrities - to join us and help read some wonderful Canadian stories while we bring the words to life with snippets of puppetry, masks, acting, music, and audience participation.

The presentation can be adapted to different communities. We have a set list of favourite songs and books, but we are happy to add stories with a particular local interest. In the summer of 2017, it was Snippets of Canada 150 to celebrate Canada’s birthday. In April of 2018, it was Whiskey Jack, in honour of our unofficial official bird, because the Whiskey Jack, or Grey Jay, feathers its nest with bits and pieces of this and that, just like we do for Snippets.

We include lots of audience participation and sing-a-long songs. In addition to our own puppets, which we use to animate the stories, we bring along a big bag of masks, puppets and stuffed animals which we hand out to children who wish to join us on stage. And everyone is invited to join in singing some well-known songs.

Snippets is high-spirited, funny and joyful. It promotes literacy through modelling reading books to children. It promotes Canadian authors. It gets the kids up and playing with us, and it encourages kids to be kids, to play with puppets, toys and masks, and take a break from all the wonderful high-tech gadgets in their lives. We believe that imaginative play is essential to young kids, and we love to get out there and play with them!

  • Excellent show! Very friendly actors! We will come back.—Chiara

  • Vivid show! Children getting involved in, and encourage kids to learn more about the world.—Mashui

  • I love your show! I liked being part of the performance.—Theodore, 5

  • Great show! Keep it up. Look forward to more shows.—Abraham Temo

  • Loved it. Interactive, bilingual, reading, puppets. Beautifully done.—Oshima Rangar

  • Très drôle et amusant.—Daniel

  • I really loved the Grumpy Bird story. Thank you!—Liam, 5

  • Very creative and fun for the parents too.—Liam’s mommy

  • We love your shows! They’re really funny. I love it.—Maria Mullally

  • Thanks for letting me be an animal. I liked the hat part. Great job. We really enjoyed it all! So creative!—Tyler and Tessa

  • The show was wonderful. My kids really enjoyed the music. The choice of stories was perfect! Great intro to theatre for the children.—Lynn Ladouon

  • The stories are hilarious, educational, lively and lovely. We love coming to all your shows. Thank you Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre. Have a lovely summer!

  • It was a great program for young kids. Very interactive and casual—so family friendly.—A MacLean

  • Great music. I liked seeing stories come to life.—Paula

  • I thought the show was funny.—Ayahipsum